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EAA 74 is lucky to have a whole flock of aircraft builders and projects. The
range of kits and restorations include  Aeronca, Luscombe, KR-2, Zenith,
SeaRey, Piper Cub, Montana Coyote, Europa, Comp Air, ultralights, a
helicopter and a small air force of RVs - 6s, 7s and 9s, both A models and
taildraggers. That means you'll find a whole lot of experience, skill,
knowledge, support and friendship.

Pretty soon, this page will have as complete a list, as up-to-date as
possible of all the projects and the builders who love them. If you're building
or restoring, please email a pic and update on your progress to the
web site
editor. Half the fun is sharing the experience and we'd all love to hear yours.

Meanwhile, here's quick list of our builders and their projects.
Rick Roberts
Zenith 701

Hard at work on my elevator..
Click image to see
larger version.
Dean Seitz
The first flight didn’t last long. Had to land
right away due to oil temp going off the top
of the scale. Found out after it was a
connection problem at the sender. Take off
and landing were very good anyway, even
with the temp scare.” By the June meeting,
he had 3.5 hours on the tach.
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larger version.
Bob Kosar
Turbine helicopter, Solar T-62

Jim Thomas

Bruce Holtz
Bill Cole
Aeronca restoration

Glenda McElwee
KR-2, installing engine

Greg Vogelpohl

Robert White
Fantasy Air
And the RV "Airforce"
Richard Dudley's
N331RD was inspected for airworthiness
on Feb 21st. First flight was Feb 24th with
help of ground support of Ruth Dudley, Jim
Buchan and Real Dupuis. Only two small
sqwaks came up.

The RV-6A has an O-320-D1A engine and
a Hartzell C/S prop and an IFR panel.

It is a Van's "slow-build", took 5 years and
4500 hours in the building.
Click image to see
larger version.
Tim Sweeney

Third flight, April 5, 2005.
Click image to see
larger version.
Mark Bravo

On 24 March 2005, at 1030am, RV-7A QB
s/n 70886, N320NW took to the skies over
Orlando, FL and became an airplane. The
aircraft flies like a dream and the only
complaint is the typical RV heavy wing (right
side). Other than that everything was A-OK.
My buddy Rich Wilson performed chase
duties in his RV-8 and confirmed all
airspeed and instrument readings. The
airplane is powered by an XP-360 180hp
engine, Hartzell Blended airfoil C/S prop,
Full IFR panel with a Dynon D10, Garmin
GNS 430, SL-30 navcom, GTX-327 and
garmin audio panel with 2 axis truetrack
autopilot and 2nd artificial horizon on the
left side. The PIC seat is the right as we will
be flying a lot of aerobatics and formation.
The airplane weighs in at 1144 Lbs..
(before paint), but it really did not affect the
performance much.
Click image to see
larger version.
Real & Lily Dupuis
Click image to see
larger version.
Chuck Bull
Click image to see
larger version.

Nelson Proctor, RV-9A

Brian Alvis, RV-9A
Jim Jennings, RV-6A

Dick Isherwood, RV-7A

Dave McIntire, RV-6
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Chuck Bull
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Don McLendon
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